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Linda Blair

Hell Night
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Hell Night is Extremely entertaining,  and if you get the DVD, the commentary is definitely worth a listen! Good lighting, good effects, good storyline and great acting *wink wink* are just a few of the reasons this movie is probably one of the best horror pics of it's time.
The highlight of the college year is Hell Night, where the fraternity have a big party and four students are chosen to undergo the initiation of spending a night in the Garth Mansion.
The Chosen 4 pair off almost immediately. Unfortunatley Linda ends up with the boring bloke, meaning she spends all night chatting with him about their parents. While Denise and Wes..I mean...Seth... spend all night making out in their room.
That is until the other guys from the party start pulling pranks and end up going over the top and losing their heads a little. The kids start dropping like flies and it's up to Marti (linda) to save the day!
 Marti proves once again that Linda Blair is a rock hard chick... but does have seriously bad luck!