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Linda Blair

Exorcist ll: The Heretic
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Now then, what to say about The Heretic..?
This is not only an insult to Linda Blair's talent, it is also an insult to the good name of "The Exorcist", trying to believe they are related is very very difficult.
The Heretic -*****
With 4 years since Regan's exorcism she is still haunted by her horrific experience. So she is visiting a shrink, until something happens with a preist, not sure what though i was dosing off slightly. So then they hook her up to some thingumybob to see inside her mind, and hopefully cure her phobia against bras.
so anyway the rest of the movie consists of; Regan making some suggetive motions on a bed, duplicating herself, fighting with her past demonic self over her shrink's left breast, trying to screw the priest, discovering the demon who possessed her was called 'BAZUZU' or something like that, swinging her arm around in the air for no apparent reason, some bloke doing a really really fake fall off a cliff, a killer hover-fly, a Morgan Freeman look-a-like dancing in his under-crackers, nuns with silly hats, and lots and lots of really crap looking sets.
But i have to be honest, it's worth it for a laugh!