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Linda Blair

Exorcist Quotes
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Regan : What an excellent day for an exorcism.
Father Karras : You would like that?
Regan : Intensely.
Father Karras : But wouldn't that drive you out of Regan?
Regan : It would bring us together.
Father Karras : You and Regan?
Regan : You and us
Father Karras : If you're the Devil, why don't you make the straps disappear?
Regan  : That's much too vulgar a display of power, Karras.
Regan : Your mother sucks cocks in Hell, Karras, you faithless slime.
Father Merrin : Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. We may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous. He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psycological, Damien, and powerful. So don't listen to him. Remember that - do not listen.
Regan : You can bring Mr. Dennings if you like... Well, you like him... You're gonna marry him, aren't you?
Chris MacNeil : Oh God, are you kidding me? Marry Burke Dennings. Don't be silly. Of course not. Where'd you ever get an idea like that?

Regan  : But ya like him.
Chris MacNeil : Of course I like him. I like pizzas too, but I'm not gonna marry one.
Regan : You don't like him like Daddy?
Chris MacNeil : Regan. I love your Daddy. I'll always love your Daddy, honey. OK? Burke just comes around here a lot cause, well, he's lonely. Don't got nothin' to do.
Regan : Well, I heard differently.
Chris MacNeil: Oh you did. What did you hear? Huh?
Regan : I don't know. I just thought.
Chris MacNeil : Well, you didn't think so good.
Regan : How do you know?
Chris MacNeil : Cause Burke and I are just friends. OK? Really, OK.
Psychiatrist : Is there someone inside you?
Regan : Sometimes.
Psychiatrist : Who is it?
Regan : I don't know.
Psychiatrist : Is it Captain Howdy?
Regan : I don't know.
Psychiatrist : If I ask him to tell me, will you let him answer?
Regan : No.
Psychiatrist : Why not?
Regan : I'm afraid
Dr. Klein : There is one outside chance for a cure. I think of it as shock treatment - as I said, it's a very outside chance... Have you ever heard of exorcism? Well, it's a stylized ritual in which the rabbi or the priest try to drive out the so-called invading spirit. It's been pretty much discarded these days except by the Catholics who keep it in the closet as a sort of an embarrassment, but uh, it has worked. In fact, although not for the reasons they think, of course. It's purely a force of suggestion. The victim's belief in possession is what helped cause it, so in that same way, a belief in the power of exorcism can make it disappear.
Chris MacNeil : You're telling me that I should take my daughter to a witch doctor? Is that it?
Chris MacNeil : You show me Regan's double, same face, same voice, everything. And I'd know it wasn't Regan. I'd know in my gut. Now, I want you to tell me that you know for a fact that there's nothing wrong with my daughter, except in her mind. YOU TELL ME FOR A FACT YOU KNOW AN EXORCISIM WOULDN'T DO ANY GOOD. YOU TELL ME THAT.
Burke Dennings : There seems to be an alien pubic hair in my gin. Never seen it before in my life! Have you?
Regan : Hi, Mom.
Chris MacNeil : What did you do today?
Regan : Um... stuff.
Chris MacNeil : What kind of stuff?
Regan : Well, me and Sharon played a game in the backyard, and we had a picnic down by the river. Mom, you should have seen this man came along on this beautiful grey horse. Wasn't it pretty?
Chris MacNeil : Really, what kind was it a mare or gelding?
Regan  : Think it was a gelding. It was grey. Oh, it was so beautiful, the guy let me ride it all around. It was so nice. Oh, I loved it. Oh, Mom can't we get a horse?
                        Regan :
           You're gonna die up there.


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