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Linda Blair

Night Patrol
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Funny stuff, every so often you can find yourself thinking 'WTF?!' but also some bits are especially funny and make up for it. The outakes at the end are ace! And if you notice, just after Melvin tells Sue he is seeing someone else and she gets upset it's like being thrown back into 1973, she looks so much like she did in The Exorcist! Though no matter how much she grows up she always seems to keep her 'cuteness' anyway. Lucky lass.
Cop by day and comedian by night, Melvin, must wear a bag on his head to hide his identity. which is all fine and dandy until a copycat wearing a bag and telling jokes starts robbing banks nearby. So of course everyone suspects "the unknown comic" (Melvin) Can he save his good name and catch the real robber in time? Not without help from Linda! :)